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Become an Academic Resilience Coach

Looking to become an Academic Resilience Coach at Another View? We have a rigorous screening process to ensure that our coaches are qualified and equipped to provide the best support to our students.

To be considered for a coaching position at Another View, you must meet the following criteria:

Native English or Dutch near-native proficiency: Effective communication is crucial in coaching sessions, so we require our coaches to have a strong command of the English or Dutch language.

In-depth background and reference checks: We conduct thorough background checks to verify the credibility and integrity of our coaches. References are also contacted to gather insights into the candidate's professional experiences and abilities.

Teacher qualification or teaching experience: Holding a teacher qualification or having multiple years of teaching experience demonstrates a solid foundation in education and pedagogy. This expertise helps our coaches understand the academic context and effectively guide students.

Academic Coaching experience: Prior experience in academic coaching is highly valued at Another View. It showcases your ability to work with students, understand their needs, and provide appropriate support.

Academic Resilience Coaching training: All coaches must have completed the Academic Resilience Coaching training provided by Another View. This training equips coaches with the necessary skills and techniques to help students develop academic resilience and achieve their goals.

Another View coaching certification: Upon successfully completing the training and meeting our standards, coaches receive the Another View coaching certification. This certification validates their expertise and competence as an Academic Resilience Coach within Another View.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in joining our team of dedicated coaches, please contact us using the form below. 

At Another View, we are committed to providing exceptional coaching services, and our screening process ensures that we have qualified professionals who can make a positive impact on our students' academic journeys.


Please complete the form to apply to be a coach.

Native English, Dutch or near-native proficiency
Teacher qualification or teaching experience
Teacher coaching experience
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Thanks for submitting, we'll be in touch soon!

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