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What is AV-ARCA®?

Initiated in 2023 by Graeme La’Met, director of La’Met Consultancy and Another View, the Another View Academic Resilience Coaching Approach (AV-ARCA®) stands as a beacon of innovation in academic support. AV-ARCA® uniquely integrates academic assistance with resilience-building techniques, providing students with a robust and flexible framework. This approach surpasses conventional tutoring methods by nurturing perseverance and adaptability, key elements in academic success.

AV-ARCA® is not just a method; it's a transformative journey that reshapes educational experiences. It focuses on instilling resilience, motivation, and a growth mindset in students, empowering them to overcome academic hurdles and improve their overall well-being.

The AV-ARCA® Advantage

Adopting the AV-ARCA framework not only builds confidence and self-motivation but also boosts productivity and personal fulfillment. It empowers students to attain their goals, marking a significant stride in their academic journey.

Join Us on the AV-ARCA® Journey

Embark on a transformative academic journey with Another View. Let AV-ARCA® guide you to not just achieve your goals but to redefine the very essence of your educational experience. Reach out to us to explore how the AV-ARCA® framework can be a pivotal part of your academic success story.

The AV-ARCA® Process: A Journey of Four Steps

AV-ARCA® unfolds in four pivotal steps: Assess, Reflect, Cultivate, and Apply. Each step in the ARCA process is critical:

1. Assess: Understanding the student's current academic scenario and aspirations, fostering a strong rapport, and evaluating their readiness for the coaching journey.

2. Reflect: Collaborative clarification of academic goals, pinpointing challenges and barriers, and in-depth exploration of the student's academic surroundings.

3. Cultivate: Developing a resilient mindset, promoting self-awareness, encouraging positive perspectives on challenges, and understanding resilience's role in academic achievement.

4. Apply: Implementing AV-ARCA strategies, fostering accountability, evaluating study habits, and crafting a structured plan for academic goals.​


Throughout these stages, the AV-ARCA® coach partners with the student, ensuring flexibility and revisiting objectives to align with the student’s growth.​

Embracing the ARCA Within

The term ARCA, rooted in Latin meaning 'a chest or strong box,' symbolizes the rich reservoir of experiences, knowledge, and personal growth each individual possesses. It reflects the inherent resilience and strength within, akin to a strongbox safeguarding valuable treasures. This concept resonates with the AV-ARCA philosophy, where each student discovers and harnesses their inner potential and resilience.

ARCA Chest.jpg

Our Framework






Transform challenges into triumphs using

Another View’s Academic Resilience Coaching Approach

AV-ARCA® - your gateway to academic excellence and personal growth.




Clarify Objectives


Build Resilient Mindset


Develop Strategies



Assess the current state of the student's academic situation.

Establish rapport and assess the student's readiness for coaching.




Reflect on academic Goals and Aspirations with the student.

Reflect on specific Challenges and Barriers the student is facing.

Reflect on the student's academic environment.


Build Resilient Mindset:

Cultivate self-awareness regarding strengths, weaknesses, and triggers.

Cultivate a positive mindset by exploring perspectives on Challenges. Cultivate an understanding of resilience and its role in academic success.


Develop Strategies:

Apply an evaluation of current study habits and time management skills.

Apply collaborative identification of effective study Techniques and Strategies.

Apply the teaching of problem-solving skills to address academic Challenges.

Apply a timeline to the Goals to be achieved.

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